View from Tendrillar Woods: 360° Panorama

Tendrillar Woods, Seattle's contribution to the Circle of Regional Effigies, had one hell of a view

This pano is for all y'all who worked your asses of to build this piece and bring it to the playa; for everyone who contributed funds, materials and/or good wishes; for everyone who made it to the top, and for everyone back home who never got a chance to check it out. It had a hell of a nice view, and burned like a mofo.

There are a quarter billion pixels in this photo so be patient. Move around the image by clicking 'n' dragging on the screen. Zoom in with your shift key, zoom out with your Command/CRTL key. Go full screen because I know you want to. When you're done, check out my Burning Man 2012 gallery or go "like" the CoRE Project on Facebook. (Note: WOOT!This *will* work on iPhones or iPads;

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