% my $pagetype = "Photo Friday: "; % my $title = "Brother"; % my $id = "brother"; % my $image = "http://www.michaelholden.com/brother.jpg"; % my $caption = "I took this photo of Keegan (Kalea's brother) just before we pulled out of Black Rock City in 2006. We'd been on the playa for 9 days. We were dirty. We were tired. We had a long drive ahead of us. Keegan was watching the sunrise on top of the truck wearing my big pink fuzzy coat while I finished breaking camp. I love the distant look in his eyes."; % my $link = "http://www.michaelholden.com/pics"; <& "/friday/template.html", pagetype => $pagetype, title => $title, id => $id, image => $image, caption => $caption, link => $link &>